Get Your Chance to Win This Beautiful Book

I'm giving away a copy of this wonderful book to members of my Facebook group “Navigating Parenting – Raising Secure and Confident Children”. All you need to do is be a member of the group by October 10th, 2020, and introduce yourself in the announcement post. Invite your friends into the group and get one raffle ticket for each friend that joins by your referral.

This giveaway is already over and the book was sent to Elizabeth who was the winner. However, I invite you to join my group, because there will be more of those awesome things in the future.

In STRANGE SITUATION: A Mother’s Journey into the Science of Attachment, author Bethany Saltman discovers that while our behavior is important, what matters most is the way we think and feel about our attachments, transmitted mind to mind from generation to generation. This is excellent news. After all, as Saltman’s decades of Zen practice tell her and her readers, the one thing completely within our power to change is our minds.

Strange Situation is a scientific, lyrical, life-affirming exploration of love. Not only will
readers are taken on an emotional ride through one mother’s reckoning with her own past and her family’s future, but they will also be given the tools with which to better understand their own life histories and their relationships today. In this intimate, rigorous, and deeply personal tale, Saltman expertly weaves together chapters about her own experience with that of Mary Ainsworth.