Welcome to the 50th episode of The Apparently Parent Podcast! Yay! I'm so happy you're here, celebrating this with me. When I started working on this podcast, I didn't think we're going to go through a global pandemic, lockdowns, and all that stuff, but we did, and I think that working on this podcast, putting out a weekly episode even with all that was happening, was one of the things that really helped me manage those tougher times.

To celebrate this achievement, I put up a special episode, in which I invite you to travel back in time.

You see, in the podcast, I sometimes talk with interesting guests who have something to say about children, parenting, and the in-between. And I have started to ask each guest one specific question at the end of the conversation. And this question goes a little bit like this:

If you could go back in time, and meet your younger self, right before you became a parent, what would you like to tell that younger self?

I really like this question, because as a therapist, I think this mental time travel can be really powerful. Whether we are moving backward or forward in time, as long as we keep the perspective, we can actually learn a lot and help ourselves in the process.

By going back in time and “talking” with your younger self, you can find a new place of compassion, understanding, and wisdom within yourself. You might also see how much you have progressed and grown through the years.

In this episode, I invite you to listen to the answers that my wonderful guests have provided to this question. I hope you'd take the time and listen because I'm sure you might find yourself in one or more of the answers.

And after you listen, I invite you to think about this question yourself and answer it on your own. Maybe take a piece of paper, or open a fresh page in your journal and write it down. There are no wrong answers here. And, if you want, share it on your social media, who knows, you might inspire someone else (if you do share it, please tag me on Instagram @apparentlyparent or the Apparently Parent Facebook page).

If you missed any of the guests I had on this year, here is the full list of guest episodes:

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