Welcome to the 20th episode of The Apparently Parent Podcast! 🕺💃🥂

Such an arbitraty number, yet such a fun milestone to celebrate. So first – I want to say thank you to everyone of you who listens to the podcast. Because you are the reason I'm doing this (and having fun in the process!) and getting your feedback is so great! Oh, and if you still haven't done so, please consider going to Apple Podcasts and give me a review, that means a lot.

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Now for today's episode: I had the honor of having a discussion with Dr. Larry Waldman, a clinical psycholgist from Phoenix, Arizona, for this one. Larry is a seasoned practitioner, with a track record of 45 years of practice, working with children, teens, and parents.

In this episode, Larry and I talk about the psychology of learning, and who it applies to parenting. He focuses on what children learn from your behavior towards them as a parent, and how you can use that knowledge in order to get more cooperation and reduce stress during the day.

And while I found myself not always agreeing with everything he had to say, I had a fun conversation nonetheless, and I'm happy to bring it to you guys. Hope you'll enjoy it.

You'll Learn

  • What's learning psychology
  • How to think about consequences and reinforcements
  • How to react when your child doesn't listen

Resources Mentioned in The Episode

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